Connecticut is in crisis, ranked 49 out of 50 states as a place to do business. Established companies continue to flee the state taking revenue and jobs with them. GE and Mass Mutual are just the most recent.

Job growth in Fairfield, Hartford, and New Haven are in the bottom 25 among the 100 larger U.S. metros; Hartford and New Haven are both in the bottom 10 for population growth, with Fairfield County faring only marginally better.

According to real estate website Trulia, only 6 percent of homes in Fairfield County are worth what they were at the market’s peak in 2003. In Hartford, it’s 4 percent. And in New Haven, it’s 3 percent. All three of the state’s major metro areas are among the 20 hardest-hit housing markets in the nation.

Our young adults and families face the second highest unemployment rate in the country.

We need new thinking and effective action to stop this death spiral.

As governor of Connecticut, I will:

  • Restore the right to work, by denying labor unions the right to extract forced dues
  • Expand the training wage, to encourage employers to hire entry-level workers who require training or otherwise lack the skills needed for conventional positions
  • Reduce unproductive and unnecessary occupational licensing which does not improve safety but makes it more difficult for businesses and professionals to operate
  • Eliminate unproductive taxes, 200 or more in Connecticut which generate less than 2% in total state revenue
  • Embrace the sharing economy, by encouraging new business forms and practices

Work with me to restore growth and opportunity in Connecticut.

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