Tax Reform

Tax Reform

Connecticut’s residents have the latest tax freedom day in the country—May 21st. High taxes are destroying Connecticut jobs and devastating Connecticut’s economy.

We have the second highest property taxes in the country and higher business and personal taxes than 44 other states. Altogether Connecticut has some 360 plus taxes. Our taxes are headed even higher—the current administration has proposed several new or higher taxes—because the state is running out of ways to borrow more money for its out-of-control spending. And because Connecticut bonds have become riskier, they have been downgraded, and the state must pay higher interest rates.

General Electric left the state, with hundreds of high paying jobs, because of high taxes. So too have many other businesses.

In 2015, after our highest tax increase ever – we had a net loss of about 21,000 residents. People who left the state and moved to states with lower taxes. These individuals took with them $2.6 billion in annual income—and it’s not coming back until we give them a reason to return.

As governor, Manley will unleash the spirit of enterprise in Connecticut. She will establish a policy to stop spending money the state doesn’t have. The Manley Administration's goal will be to live within the State’s means and pay down our debts.

Gov. Manley will make it possible to cut taxes, abolish counter-productive regulations, secure the right to work for everybody and create the best business climate in America, without subsidies.

If elected, Manley will :

  • Restructure the debt that is strangling our economy
  • Restore a low, flat income tax – and eliminate it when we can
  • Eliminate the estate tax and the inheritance tax
  • Eliminate taxes on social security payments
  • Institute a true spending cap as our constitution requires
  • Eliminate the 200 taxes – yes 200 – that generate about 1/10 of one percent of our state revenue – and the cost and nuisance that comes with these taxes.

Work with me to restore growth and opportunity to Connecticut.

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