Why I'm Running

Why I'm Running

Since Connecticut enacted an income tax 27 years ago, state spending has tripled, and now the state can’t pay all its bills. The major parties have led our once proud and prosperous state into decline. The situation is not sustainable.

Every year, there’s an exodus of thousands—people fleeing from Connecticut’s high costs, excessive regulations and vanishing opportunities. They take their families, their jobs, their dollars and their hopes to other states.

Connecticut is ranked 49 out of 50 states as a place to do business. Our young adults and families face the second highest unemployment rate in the country. We have the most underfunded state pension system and we're burdened with overwhelming debt. Connecticut is speeding toward bankruptcy, a disastrous outcome for everyone.

If we don’t address these issues now, in another decade or two, tens of thousands more people will have left Connecticut, and much of Connecticut may be as abandoned as the Rust Belt.

Connecticut’s recently formed Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth has urged leaders to “Go big or go home." It would be hard to find a candidate who supports more dramatic reforms than independent Marisa Manley, a cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School.

Manley is a tough, highly disciplined negotiator who secured good deals for clients from the world’s largest property developer. She was persuasive when she negotiated land purchases and joint venture agreements with a powerful Texas family. She has negotiated complex budgets involving federal grants. She has audited landlord books and records to identify millions in hidden, illicit costs, and to recover these funds for her clients. She resolved contentious issues at client board meetings. She has stopped unions when they tried to disrupt job sites and when they tried to make construction projects more costly.

Manley has a plan to address Connecticut’s toughest problems—overwhelming government debt, fleeing jobs and excessive taxation.

Manley’s principal aim as governor will be to restructure Connecticut finances to prevent bankruptcy and restore a jobs-friendly, pro-growth regulatory environment which creates more opportunity for everyone.

Join me to create real solutions for Connecticut’s toughest problems and give people a reason to stay.

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